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Survivor 12 Panama Up and Running!

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Survivor 12 Exile Island Up Soon

In case you missed it, the contestants for Survivor Exile Island have been announced and the official CBS web site is up and running. Survivor Panama Exile Island starts Thursday February 2, 2006 on CBS (official web site).

For my Survivor 12 Exile Island blog I'm working on a custom template (there aren't really any Blogger templates left that I haven't used yet and that I like). I hope to have it up and going by this Sunday or Monday night (Jan. 22 or 23).

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Episode 14: the Final

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThe Final
official title: Thunder Storms and Sacrifice

Summary: Rafe wins the first Immunity and then Lydia is voted off. Danni wins the second Immunity challenge (an endurance competition) and selects Stephenie to be in the final two with her. The Jury awards Danni the one million dollars.

The recap to open the show summarized each of the previous 14 Survivors who were voted off. In confessional Lydia starts us off by saying 'Why am I still here? It must be destiny.' [I was thinking something similar except I thought that she was just lucky to be there.] They all toast being in the final four and in private Rafe says that he's happy to be in the final four with these people.

Tree mail arrives and Lydia takes it to mean a celebration. Stepehenie asks Do you see the word celebrate anywhere in there? 'No' answers Lydia and they all laugh. It turns out the celebration is a sacrifice . . .

Chicken Sacrifice
A local Maya family shows up and sacrifices a live chicken by beheading it and throwing it in a fire. Stephenie prods Lydia into asking them in Spanish (she's from Pureto Rico) if they can eat the chicken. Of course the answer is 'No' because it is a sacrifice. [No chicken for you. Next!]

First Immunity Challenge
Competition: a giant maze and puzzle challenge.

Jeff Probst calls this challenge the largest maze ever constructed for Survivor. It is a huge maze with ladders and pontoons to cross over water hazards. The Survivors have to go through the maze and collect puzzle pieces (7 sets of 2?). Each set has to be taken to the top of the mock pyramid before the next set can be collected. The puzzle makes a Maya image.

This was basically a race between Rafe and Stephenie. Danni was a little bit behind and Lydia was so far behind that she collected all of her pieces just as Rafe won Immunity.

The Forbidden Chicken Beckons
Lydia and Stephenie just cannot forget about that chicken so they go back and get it. Rafe doesn't feel right about eating a sacrificed chicken so passes on it, the only one to do so. And then a big thunder storm started, the largest since they have been out there according to Danni. They all wonder if they have angered the Maya god(s) by eating the chicken.

Scheming is Free
Stephenie and Rafe discuss who to vote off. They are leaning to voting off Danni since either of them is bound to win the next immunity up against Lydia. However if Lydia were to somehow win immunity and be in the final two then she is almost certain to win the million dollars. In private Rafe is torn by his promise to Danni to take her to the final three and Danni is uneasy about that promise herself.

So who will it be, Danni or Lydia . . .

Xhakum at First Tribal Council
Jury watches: Bobby Jon, Jaime, Gary, Judd, Cindy
(paraphrased, not word for word)

After some talk of the chicken and the storm, they finally get around to talking about the game.

Jeff Probst: Lydia suppose it's you tonight to be voted off . . .
Lydia: It could be but I'm not a physical threat to anyone. I have not won a single individual challenge.
Jeff Probst: Danni Lydia makes a good point . . .
Danni: Yes that's true but if she's in the final two she would most likely win the money.
Jeff Probst: Stephenie what do you base your vote on then?
Stephenie: (not sure) Lydia isn't a physical threat but she is a mental threat [please, not really] and Danni has never backstabbed anyone.

Lydia is voted off. (3-1 vote)

Jeff Probst's Final Thought
The three of you have one more Immunity Challenge and one more Tribal Council. Hopefully the Maya gods have forgiven you.

Lydia's Final Words
This was the hardest experience of my life . . . it was a wonderful experience . . . I wouldn't trade it for the world.

The three remaining Survivors return to a soaking wet camp. everything is wet, the corn is moldy and has maggots in it. To make matters worse the howler monkeys are especially noisy. [That will teach them to upset the Maya gods.]

Final Immunity Challenge
Competition: Balance and Endurance.

Each Survivor stands on a small platform that's on a pivot so it swivels. For the first hour they will have two ropes, one for each hand, to help balance themselves. Then they will have to let go of one rope. Thirty minutes after that the remaining rope must be let go. A Survivor is out when a foot touches the ground or a hand a post (which are holding up the ropes).

They all make it through releasing both of the ropes and are leaning on a pole with their feet on their platform. Rafe is the first out as he losses his concentration for an instant as he uses a hand to adjust himself slightly. Then later Stephenie starts to slowly slide down her pole until she touches the ground - and then starts to cry. So Danni wins the final Immunity!

Rafe immediately runs over to Danni and tells her that she should take whoever she feels is right to the final two regardless of promises she may have made earlier (to take Rafe to the final two). [ . . . and thus Rafe seals his fate . . . ]

Scheming is Free Redux
Danni says that she was set on taking Rafe until he said to consider Stephenie. Rafe says that Danni wouldn't be here without him, but he feels Stephenie deserves a chance at making the final two. Stephenie says to Danni 'You don't owe me anything.'

So who will it be, Danni says that it will be a game-time decision . . .

Xhakum at Final Tribal C
Jury watches: Bobby Jon, Jaime, Gary, Judd, Cindy, Lydia
(paraphrased, not word for word)

Jeff Probst: Stephenie any regrets about voting Lydia off last Tribal Council?
Stephenie: No, anything can happen.
Jeff Probst: Danni what was winning Immunity like?
Danni: I was so blown away!
Jeff Probst: Stephenie it was very emotional for you. . . .
Stephenie: I was in pain and felt like a failure.
Jeff Probst: Rafe what about releasing Danni from her promise to you?
Rafe: It's not strategy I want her to make the decision she feels good about.
Jeff Probst: Danni how will you make your decision?
Danni: well, Rafe is a good friend but he will probably win if I choose him. I would have a better chance with Stephenie.
Rafe: I'm not so sure I'm a sure thing to win, I screwed the same people as Stephenie.

Rafe is voted off.

Rafe's Final Words
I think I played a smart, honest, moral game . . . betrayed, I don't understand Danni . . . rooting for Stephenie . . .

Final Day at Camp
Stephenie and Danni compliment each other for reaching the final two. They visit the dock / swimming pool for the last time and break down the camp. In private Danni tells us that she will be nice at the Jury and answer all their questions [that's a good idea].

The Jury
You know the routine: opening statements, questions, closing remarks.

Danni: I'm honored to be here especially since going into the merge I had the numbers against me. [surprised how strong she was]

Stephenie: Thank you, this has been an amazing experience. I'm also honored and can't wait to talk with you.

Bobby Jon: Stephenie I'm on the Jury because of you. How proud are you?
Stephenie: Very proud, other than stabbing two people in the back.
Bobby Jon: Danni are you proud of your play?
Danni: Yes, I'm grateful to be here.

Gary: I'm basing my vote on your answer. Same question for the two of you: Why shouldn't I vote for you?
Stephenie: I broke a promise [to Gary I think].
Danni: I made a few conflicting alliances which is selfish.

Jaime: What an adventure! Danni if you had the numbers who would you like in the top five?
Danni: I'm not sure, probably Bobby Jon, Gary, Brandon . . .
Jaime: Stephenie how should the Jury feel about you changing your word?
Stephenie: I just went along with the group.

Lydia: [she seemed kind of angry towards both of them] Stephenie I was loyal to you since Day 6, what happened?
Stephenie: Thank you. I'm a competitive person, it was just the game.
Lydia: Danni you turned on me . . .
Danni: It was just part of the game.

Cindy: Same question for the two of you: If you could remove one member from the Jury who would it be?
Stephenie: I don't know . . . Bobby Jon because he was first on the Jury.
Danni: Rafe because he's definitely voting for Stephenie.

Rafe: You two are like sister to me. Danni why did you do the opposite of what you said you were going to do? [not taking Rafe to the final two]
Danni: It was a hard decision. You were both deserving of being in the final two.
Rafe: Stephenie what was your best move strategically that you didn't tell me about?
Stephenie: There wasn't one that I didn't tell you about.

Judd was the most entertaining. He started by asking Danni if she ever was ice skating before. She was kind of confused and said that she had been but doesn't do it very well. Judd then said that she just skated through Survivor Guatemala. He asked her if she lied in the game and she, of course, said 'yes' [how can you not lie?]. Judd then gave her a little speech about going to confessional when she gets home. Danni said that she asks for forgiveness everyday. [Judd amazingly still believes that he didn't lie in the game!]

Judd now turns to Stephenie and asks her if she's still starving. [It's a similar bait-and-switch line of questioning.] Judd goes on to say that Stephenie was always hungry yet she ate more than just about any of them out there. Then he talks about his wife and says that Stephenie broke a promise to her and lied, lied to his wife. How could she! Stephenie says that she never made that promise to her [that Judd and Stephenie would be in the final two].

Final Remarks
Stephenie: Thank you. This game is the hardest and it brings out the worst qualities in people, but we're not bad people. My strategy was to align myself with bright people and to stay calm at all times. I didn't let others make decisions for me.

Danni: After the merge I had six people targeting me. I saw Rafe and Stephenie as in charge and we became friends.

Time to Vote
Judd is shown voting for Danni and Rafe for Stephenie.

Jeff Probst then takes the votes and gets on a helicopter and flies to Los Angeles for the live reunion show where he reveals the votes: One vote for Stephenie and Four for Danni - that's enough.

Danni wins $1,000,000!

There was then a nice reunion, everyone made nice with each other.
Judd said that he lost 45 pounds [don't worry, I'm sure he can put the weight back on]. Jeff said that in two seasons Stephenie was in 46 challenges and won ten of them [but only one of them was individual immunity]. Margaret is going back to Guatemala to do relief work. At some point Jeff says 'Judd lets get this straight, you lied too.'

Survivor Panama, Exile Island
Jeff announced that the next Survivor will be in Panama. Sixteen Survivors will be divided into two tribes in a way never before seen on Survivor. Also a Survivor will be banished to an island on a regular basis. [I heard producers were tired of contestants taking it easy on challenges, so in some competitions the loser will be banished.]

That's about it. As usual, items from
Survivor Guatemala are up for auction on eBay to raise money for the Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

I hope you liked my Survivor blog, I will be bloging
Survivor 12 Panama. I hope that you will join me once again.

Survivor Live: Danni and Stephenie

Survivor Live: Danni and Stephenie
Hosts: Dalton Ross and Jenna Morasca.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

Stephenie Comments
She didn't think that she had a real chance to get the most votes from the Jury. Their minds were probably already made up before the final Tribal Council. Playing previously probably had some sway with the voters. She feels that she may of had a chance if she was up against Judd or Jaime. She didn't try to keep Judd around longer because she felt he was trying to get rid of her. Stephenie feels playing on Palau taught her to remain calm, she was much more paranoid then.

Danni Comments
She was the first to say Judd has ADD not Margaret. Danni sent Lydia to talk with Judd to catch him in a lie so they could vote him off. [Was it really so hard to catch Judd in a lie?] Cindy blew it by keeping the car, Danni was working to get rid of her and that really helped. Danni would have given up the car (Stephenie wasn't sure what she would have done at that point). Danni isn't so sure she even had promised to take Rafe to the final three. [So Rafe would have likely been voted off anyway.] She knew from watching Survivor Palau that Bobby Jon was loyal to a fault and used that against him. Brandon is like a little brother and Danni had an alliance with him to be in the final two together. Not shown: Danni worked to get Blake voted off. Off topic: Danni thinks Priest Holmes will retire from the NFL.

Stephenie (left) and Danni on Survivor Live
Free Image Hosting at
(click for big picture,
opens in new browser window)

What's Next for Stephenie
She has signed with an agent and will most likely be a spokesperson for a swim and sportswear company.

What's Next for Danni
She really likes Kansas City and wants to stay there. Before Survivor she had some offers to do TV anchor work and would like to pursue that some more. However she would like to keep doing radio because it's so much fun.

Top 5 Tribal Council Exits
They also showed some video clips of the best Tribal Council exits in the history of Survivor (they didn't say how these were selected). It's in Part 3 of the Dec. 13 Survivor Live archive.

Richard Hatch, All-Star Survivor. "I've been bamboozled!" and a little dance.
Osten, Pearl Islands. He just gives up, no vote needed.
Judd, Guatemala. The famous crocodiles and scum-bags comments.
Christy, Amazon. Evil step sisters [Jenna and Heidi] comments.
Big Tom, All-Star Survivor. If looks could kill; ". . . I have 2 knives in my back [Rob and Amber]. . .

Red Carpet Interviews
The Survivor video archives has some interviews from the reunion show. They are several minutes each and those interviewed are:
Danni, Stephenie, Rafe, Lydia, Jeff Probst, Brian, Judd, Gary and Bobby Jon.

I watched a few of them and they're worth the time if you like any of the Survivors. They are interviewed by
Dalton and Jenna and they talk about the game (not the usual red carpet nonsense 'who are you wearing?').

Survivor Live: Rafe and Lydia

Survivor Live: Rafe and Lydia
Hosts: Dalton Ross and Jenna Morasca.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

On Being Voted Off
Rafe still maintains he was serious and sincere about letting Danni out of her promise to take him to the final two. He doesn't think she would have picked him even if he tried to hold her to her promise. Lydia said she thinks Rafe blew it by letting Danni off the hook so easily.

The Others
Rafe: Jaime and Judd are really great guys. Cindy would have stayed around longer if she had given the others cars (Lydia agrees). Would have voted to give the money to Lydia over just about everyone except for Stephenie. Thinks he would have beaten Danni if he were in the final two with her (Lydia not sure she would have voted for him). Stephenie thought she could beat Lydia at the Jury.

Lydia: a lot of people lied so much that they forgot they were lying. Judd and Jeff were similar and butted heads often. Lydia admits to being star struck with Bobby Jon and Stephenie.

What's Next for Lydia
Back at seafood market.

What's Next for Rafe
Moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a screen writer.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Episode 14: the Finale As It Airs

As It Airs
Sunday Dec. 11, 8:00 pm ET GMT -5 hours
Survivor Guatemala, Episode 14 - the finale!
title: Thunderstorms and Sacrifice

This post will be updated as Survivor airs tonight.
Some people just can't wait to know what happens on Survivor. If you're one of those people then this post is for you. Note: you may need to hit the refresh/reload button on your browser to see the updates.

Started about 25 minutes late.
(football must have run long)
8:33 pm ET, re-cap of season over.

First Interview: Lydia.

Chicken sacrifice done by local people.

Immunity Challenge 1
Type of Challenge: Most complex Survivor Maze - Ever!. Rafe won Immunity.

Tribal Council 1
First Questioned: Rafe. Lydia was voted off.

Tribute to all the Survivors voted off. Pictures collected and sacrificed in fire.

Immunity Challenge 2
Type of Challenge: Balance, Endurance and Concentration. Rafe out first.Danni won Immunity.

Tribal Council 2
First Questioned: Stephenie. Rafe was voted off.

The Final 2 are:
Danni and Stephenie

The Jury: BJ and Rafe easy on Steph. Judd entertaining. Time to Vote: Judd shown voting for Dani [sic] and Rafe for Stephenie.

Here comes Jeff with the votes . . . (reunion Live from Los Angeles)

Danni wins $1,000,000!
votes: 4 to 1 (shown, was probably 6 to 1.)

That ends my updates tonight. I hope you all enjoy my Survivor blog. I will be blogging Survivor 12 in the spring: Survivor 12 .

Check back Monday night
for my usual, full length review / recap.

Preview Episode 14 and Fantasy Picks

Preview Episode 14
title: Thunder Storms and Sacrifice
CBS, 8:00 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 11, 2005
Episode #1114.

This is it, the finale of Survivor Guatemala. I predict that Rafe will win the million dollars (for more about that see yesterday's post: Final Four and Winner Prediction ).

In other Survivor news, Jeff Probst has signed on for two more years of hosting duties. Survivor 12 is currently shooting in an undisclosed location and will air in the spring. I plan on blogging Survivor 12 as well ( ).

Survivor Live, the Internet Talk Show at
Monday at 2:00 pm ET the third and fourth place winners will be guests.
Tuesday at 2:00 pm ET the winner and second place finisher will be guests.
I will watch both and blog about them.

from CBS Survivor web site:
A surprise from a local family quickly shakes up the Final Four in a traditional Maya ceremony. Later, a surprise thunderstorm sets the Survivors wondering if a decision they made upset the Maya gods.

Two Survivors question their alliance and agree on who should be eliminated. Will this decision work to their advantage?

With only three days left, the Final Four face off in an intense battle to make it to the end. Who will outwit, outlast and outplay to be become the Sole Survivor?

from Yahoo TV:
[no description available]

Commentary, Predictions and Possible Spoilers
A CBS preview seems to show Rafe at the next Tribal Council wearing the Immunity necklace. I think Lydia will be voted off first, no one wants to sit in front of the jury with her. I'm predicting that Rafe wins but I want Danni to win. Stephenie may be in the final two because who would give her the money? She's on her second season of Survivor and she hasn't been that likable this time.

Survivor Fantasy League Picks
For what it is worth, here are my picks for Survivor Fantasy League.

Rafe, Climbs Ruins.
Danni, Climbs Ruins.
Lydia, Climbs Ruins.
Stephenie, Climbs Ruins.

What's up with the Fantasy League? Usually at the finale you select the finish order for Bonus Points but this time nothing, it's the normal bonus point selection? By the way, CBS has done a lousy job with the Fantasy League this season.

Next Update: Tonight As It Airs, as the show airs 8:00 pm ET ( -5 hrs. GMT).

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Final Four and Winner Prediction

Final Four

It seems CBS flubbed up a bit and showed a promo that shows the next Tribal Council and it appears that Rafe is wearing the Immunity necklace. So I think Lydia will be the next one voted off.

Now that leaves Rafe, Danni and Stephenie in the final three. I don't think Stephenie wins (she hasn't been real sympathetic this time and it is her second chance at a million dollars - two strikes and she's out) so that leaves Rafe or Danni the winner.

The possibilities:

if Rafe wins Immunity
He chooses Stephenie to be in the final two with and wins a million dollars. He's smart and realizes that she is his best choice and he's only promised Danni the final three.

if Danni wins Immunity
Her best choice is Stephenie, however she still may choose Rafe out of her dislike for Stephenie. After she's broken up the Axis of Evil she may feel that she can convince the Jury that she deserves it over Rafe.

if Stephenie wins Immunity
Her best choice would be Danni, however she may select Rafe out of friendship for him or dislike of Danni.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usMy Prediction

Rafe wins the million dollars!

Also for your consideration, he's the last one left on my Winner's Quotes entry.

Next Update: Sunday morning Final Preview.